How We Help

Eligibility: Erie County Resident & meet ODJFS/TEFAP income guidelines. Bring Picture ID to sign in.

We are a choice food pantry. We provide a grocery store feel and experience to the community. This allows our clients to choose the food items they prefer versus a prepackaged box of items they may not like or use. Qualifying individuals can shop for food once a month. Quantity of food  is based on the size of their family. Eligibility for service:

1. Resident of Erie County  (zip codes: 44870, 44839, 44814, 44846, 44847, 44811, 44824, 43438, 44889. portion of 44089.

2. Meet ODJFS TEFAP household size and income guidelines

Ohio JFS Income Guidelines English 7.2023

Ohio JFS Income Guidelines Spanish 7.2021

Our clothing, linen, and houseware pantry is quite extensive due to the generosity of our community.  We all need a little “shopping therapy” every now and then. This can be frequented twice a month.

To learn more of what we offer take a Virtual Tour of the facility:     

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Choice Food Pantry (grocery store no cost)

We carry shelf stable items primarily canned beans, corn, fruit, tomato sauce; cereals….

Choice Clothing, Linens & Housewares Pantry (no cost)


 Where a community’s charity and love prevail for neighbors & friends!